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Vision: Restructure our families, communities and schools one Father at a time

Mentorship, Guidance and Encouragement

Dr. Coach C. “THE MOTIVATOR” known to us all is no stranger to hardship and struggles has a youth. He never knew his father, didn’t  meet his mother until he was 25 years old, and was raised in a drug and violence-filled foster-household. On Wednesday night, September 16, 1981, I heard 7 words that revolutionized my existence. (GET UP AND THROW YOUR DOPE AWAY) AND I’VE BEEN FREE FROM THE BONDAGE OF DRUGS AND PAIN  FOR 44 YEARS!!!  (FORGIVENESS IS THE KEY TO RELEASE YOURSELF FROM BONDAGE AND PAIN).


Take it from Betty T, who said on Facebook, “I think this Total Youth Development Training Center is a magnificent program for the Youth. God really orchestrated this. What a blessing to have seen this. This is what our youth needs in their lives today. You are not going to be successful and have total peace without God in your life. Teaching them about spiritual welfare is so important. Keep up the good work, Pastor Cummings. God’s purpose and plan for you is right on time!”

About Dr. Coach C.

How Total Youth Development Training Center Helps Young People

Take action! God is the answer

TYDTC offers Family Bootcamps, educational support, personal mentoring, and a safe environment. Join with TYDTC to counteract the causes of anger, violence, and drug use by applying proven remedies, especially through structured learning, encouragement to finish the task at hand, and commitment to God.


Enroll Your K-12 Student in Palm Desert Christian Center P.R.E.P. CENTER

Providing Resources & Educational Planning

The P.R.E.P. Center has been developing believers, leaders and champions since 2015. You can rely on P.R.E.P. for everything your child needs to succeed, from accredited schooling to supplies, clothing, meals, and guidance. And it’s absolutely free!


Success Stories and Words of Praise

Failure is not an option

As an unparalleled motivator and public speaker, Dr. Coach C. often utters these words, “Failure is not an option.” These are not just empty words, but a powerful approach to a fulfilling life. Click the link to see videos and hear what real people have to say about the many ways that Dr. Coach C. has impacted their lives.


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