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With more than 40 years of experience in mentoring young people, Dr. Coach C. has garnered an ocean of praise from parents, press, government entities, and the children themselves. Have a look at a few of these high lights and you’ll be a believer too.



Coach C.  ‘THE MOTIVATOR ”    encouraging Deontra and Joshua

Her Son Was Involved with Gangs – Dr. Coach C Inspired Him to Change

My name is Ramona Wade,

I have known Coach “C” for over 20 years, and during this time, he has always been cheerful, confident, and enthusiastic about teaching.

He listens to the voice of God, and his insights always come with humility, an anointing from God to reach and teach the youth.

He is a bold leader who provides a safe and non-judgmental environment. Coach “C” has a heart full of unconditional love, which gives hope to the hopeless.

He courageously instills structure into the lives of youth who may not have been taught self-worth and values.

Coach “C” uses his life story, from the “Pit to the Place,” to inspire and guide our youth.

The Total Youth Development Training Center has saved my son’s life from being involved with gangs.

Now, my son will be honorably discharged from the United States Army.
I am grateful to Coach “C” and the TYDTC for the positive impact they have had on my son’s life. Thank you, Coach “C”!

Now a Better Husband, Father, and Man – Thanks to Pastor Cummings

From Coach L.C. I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for Dr. Pastor Robert L. Cummings. Pastor Robert, also affectionately known as “Coach C” has been an amazing mentor, counselor, football coaching colleague, friend and brother to me for the last 6 years.

He has impacted my life in such a profound manner, it is extremely difficult to find the correct words to illustrate what he has done for me.

Pastor Robert, Coach C, is a man of steadfast and unwavering faith. His foundation is as a believer and servant of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Pastor Robert, Coach C, demonstrates consistency in his character, integrity and actions. He is a man of truth and his life is centered in truth.

I have always known Pastor Robert to be a man of conviction. He is a role model for discipline, responsibility and accountability. He walks in compassion, patience and genuine love for all the people.

He has a heartfelt desire to inspire and improve the lives of all those that he encounters.

The many life lessons I have gained from my relationship with Coach C, have allowed me to be a better ministry servant, teacher, coach, father and man.

Raised by a single mother, twins Anthony and Christopher Husser offer words of praise for Pastor Cummings and Total Youth Development

My brother and I were raised by a single mother and we all attended Crenshaw Christian Center. Pastor Cummings was one of the security on staff and later became an assistant Pastor. Pastor Cummings then became our Mentor while in the Big Brothers Program through CCC.

Pastor Cummings was the GREATEST MENTOR / FATHER figure any young man could have and we learned so much from him just watching him and how he carried himself. Pastor Cummings later created a Martial Arts youth program Called “Total Youth Development” and my bro and I were enrolled. This Program helped us become the Men we are today! This program taught us how to become a master of our emotions which is a major issue in life so this definitely is manifesting even until this very day.

TYD also taught us that P+O=S which means when Preparation meets Opportunity there’s an explosion of Success! While a part of this Program, Pastor Cummings took us on many trips, some which were Karate Tournaments. Just the experience left a mark in our lives that will never be erased, OUTSTANDING PROGRAM!! This program helped build confidence, helped us better our relationship with God, helped us learn how to become better sons to our mother and better young Men in this world, this program is needed and benefits so many levels and we we’re extremely BLESSED and FAVORED to be a part of it.

Papa Cummings, thank you for all your time you have given us and everything you taught us throughout our childhood while being our Mentor and life-long Spiritual Father. God knew that we needed you in our life and even at 35 years old we still do and still remember all the times we spent together. Thank you for stepping up when no one else did, thank you for answering the call placed on your life to help mentor both Young Men and Women, you are called, created and destined to touch so many young lives so continue to walk this journey and keep allowing God to use every part of you. Papa Cummings, we are honored to call you our Spiritual Father and we Love you and appreciate you more than you will ever know.

You are the Father EVERY child needs!

We love you – Christopher and Anthony Husser

From Michele Husser, mother of twins Christopher and Anthony

Good morning Pastor, This could be very long to write down how you’ve inspired but I will keep it brief. From the time you were a security for the pastor and acknowledged my sons, from the time you were their Big Brother, from the time you were their youth pastor, from the time you were their karate teacher, I believe your presence, your character, your integrity, along with the way I’ve raised them, has inspired them tremendously to be great men. But not just great men, to be great men of God.

You are an awesome man, husband, father, and friend, and most importantly what the Lord has called you to be…a Pastor to lead his sheep. I would like to say thank you for the contribution that you have made and will continue to make, not just in my son’s lives, but in other young people’s lives and that it will impact their lives forever because of your dedication, commitment, love, generosity, and positive impact. Keep being the person that you are because the Lord has truly made room for your gift.

Much love the Husser family

Christopher, Anthony, and Michele.

Coach C Brings Veronica Closer to God, Where All Things Are Possible

From Veronica Meraz.

I got to know Mr. C through court-ordered co-parenting classes. He talked about situations and how they’re meant to be handled with God at the center. He taught me how to get closer to God.

While going to the classes and learning about God, Mr. C has helped me to learn to forgive and taught me how to pray which has helped me get through my divorce and heal so that I may be at peace.

He helped me realize how much I needed God in my life. Mr. C has not only taught me but has shown me how to walk the path with God which has helped me overcome drinking and anger and feeling sad for myself. His motto of “failure is not an option” has really touched me in the sense that I am a mother and I cannot give up and all things are possible through God.

I went from having no hope or confidence in myself and my present life, but once I started going to his church services and truly listening to the way he teaches and guides, he has impacted my life tremendously. Not only have I forgiven, but I have moved past in my healing process. I have so much hope and belief for the future now. I know God put him in my life for a reason and I’m truly thankful for the way he teaches and gives knowledge with God at the center of everything.

Charity McCloud, Missions Director of RealityLA Recommends Pastor Cummings for Mentoring Young Men

Hi there. I am Charity McLeod. I have the pleasure to just take a few moments and share how impactful Robert Cummings, Minister, pastor Coach Robert Cummings has been in my life.

There are a few words that come to mind when I think of Pastor Cummings and the Total Youth Development Training Center. He is extremely consistent. He has integrity. He is highly disciplined.

And when we think about development of character, development of self for individuals, especially for youth, and even more so for male youth, those are really three big characteristics and traits that will bring about a successful future, at least put us on the trajectory for a successful future.

And so when I think about someone who can mentor and train others, I really would recommend Pastor Cummings because of not just his character, but his discipline, his life experience, his skill set, and really his heart.

He is operating in his God given purpose and really wants to see just a generation of men and individuals become their best selves. So I verify and approve anything that Pastor Cummings can bring to the table.

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